A Fezmas Miracle

Last Chance for the Sepia Cthulhu

Cthulhu_Sepia.png So after Wil Weaton posted a short video on YouTube yesterday featuring his limited edition Sepia Cthulhu fez, a number of people commented that they had missed out on the run we did over the Summer. So I decided to dig through our fabric pile to see if we had any remnants of this discontinued fabric and lo and behold, tucked behind rolls of velvet was a cardboard tube with about 18 inches of maroon velvet around it. It has a little damage on the edges but I think I can make maybe 5 fezzes out of it. So if you have been longing for one of these rare fezzes here is your last chance. Don’t hesitate to place your order. I will make as many as possible but that isn’t very many.

And now a moment with Wil Weaton

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