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After a ridiculous 4 shows in 6 weeks we're playing catch-up on the blog so please excuse this slightly late update. After the introduction of our limited edition Muhe’e Chapeau last year, I knew it was only the beginning of the squid designs to come. For this year’s Tiki Calliente 2015 we introduced this tiki styled squid fez in the same warm colors as the original Muhe’e. This fez is just the thing to wear to your next backyard luau, night out at the tiki bar or playing your pipe organ on a renegade submarine while defending the depths from a...

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For our 2nd Fez of the Week for February we have one for all of the Coleopterists out there. The Flying Scarab Fez features an ornately decorated scarab with spread wings rendered in bright jewel-tone threads on a low-profile black velvet fez. I have a bit of an obsession with wings and flying designs, as you can see with many of my past designs, but up until this point I had yet to tackle insect wings. While doing research on traditional Egyptian Scarab designs I just couldn't get the beauty of actual scarab wings out of my head. I decided...

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Just in time for Fat Tuesday, we present the Fleur-de-lis Fez! This Limited Edition of 25 fezzes features a golden Fleur-de-lis on a regal purple low-profile fez. Don this fez as a sign that you intend to squeeze the last bit of decadence out of the month before the religious obligations of Lent come crashing down. It's the perfect fez to wear while sipping a sazerac. We created the Fleur-de-lis Fez for our appearance at the New Orleans Comic Con last year and after shipping everything back home, we promptly misplaced them neglecting to even photograph one let alone post...

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We're back with a special Fez of the Week version of our classic gaming themed Flying D12 design. This special Osprey Edition features the same winged D12 -seen on our production fez and chapeau- recolored in blue, green and white on a Royal Blue velvet. We only have a sample supply of this velvet color left over from when we were testing velvet shades. Now truth be told, I am not a big follower of the sports-ball, however my wife has many fond memories of watching the game with her father while visiting him on the Olympic peninsula. Over the years...

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Do not adjust your monitor, it is actually that much black. Four years ago I made a black on black on black Skull and Crossbones fez as a Fez of the Week. We still get comments about that one. With the popularity of this year's Crossbones fez, I think it is time we revisited the idea with 2nd edition. This special holiday edition fez is only available through Black Friday and features our original Crossbones design rendered in all black thread on a black velvet fez. Now that I think about it, I pretty much summed the idea up in my...

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