#128 The Flying Scarab Fez

#128 The Flying Scarab Fez

For our 2nd Fez of the Week for February we have one for all of the Coleopterists out there.

The Flying Scarab Fez features an ornately decorated scarab with spread wings rendered in bright jewel-tone threads on a low-profile black velvet fez.

I have a bit of an obsession with wings and flying designs, as you can see with many of my past designs, but up until this point I had yet to tackle insect wings. While doing research on traditional Egyptian Scarab designs I just couldn't get the beauty of actual scarab wings out of my head. I decided to take the beetle concept into a more physical direction and shift the design inspiration to the Victorian era with their infatuation with bug themes.

As this is a Fez of the Week, back-orders will be open for a week then production will begin. As these are made to order, please remember to allow extra time for the creation, packing and shipping of these fezzes.

Place your order by February 24th.

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