#123 The Tea Cup and Cross Spoons Fez

#123 The Tea Cup and Cross Spoons Fez

We're back with a new Fez of the Week and this one is on tweed!

The Tea Cup and Cross Spoons Fez features an elegant - and somehow ominous - tea-cup bracketed by a pair of crossed spoons on our ever-so-classy wool tweed  low-profile fez.

This my friends is a serious tea drinking hat made for all of my fellow Tea Fiends out there. Pair this with your best day-ascot and dressing gown for an adventurous day of sipping that Brownian motion. Just don't forget your towel.

As this is a Fez of the Week, these will be made to order and available for a limited time. Fezzes will be made on a first-ordered, first-shipped basis so place your pre-order early to avoid the rush.

Pre-order by April 27th. Shipping begins Tuesday October 28th, 2014.

As these are made to order, please remember to allow extra time for the creation, packing  and shipping of these fezzes.

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