#126 The Flying D12 Fez ~ Osprey Edition

#126 The Flying D12 Fez ~ Osprey Edition

We're back with a special Fez of the Week version of our classic gaming themed Flying D12 design.

This special Osprey Edition features the same winged D12 -seen on our production fez and chapeau- recolored in blue, green and white on a Royal Blue velvet. We only have a sample supply of this velvet color left over from when we were testing velvet shades.

Now truth be told, I am not a big follower of the sports-ball, however my wife has many fond memories of watching the game with her father while visiting him on the Olympic peninsula. Over the years we began to view Seattle as sort of a second home. Sadly we lost her father at the beginning of the season after a long battle with cancer. This loss has made watching the game a bit more emotional for her and I would like to present this fez as a small tribute to his memory.

Pre-order by January 23rd. Production will begin Jan 24th.

As these are made to order, please remember to allow extra time for the creation, packing  and shipping of these fezzes.

The order window has closed.

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