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We off to Arizona to sell fezzes at the Jackalope Art Fair and we're celebrating the only way we know how... with a special Fez of the Week! To mark our first appearance at the Jackalope Fair we made a special limited edition of our classic Jackalope Fez but seeing as this is a holiday weekend and many of you are trapped visiting family, we're making this one available for those that can't get out of the house this week. The Jackalope Fez features our classic cryptid on a special low-profile rich Brown velvet fez with an antique copper tassel...

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Our long gestating playing-card themed design is finally available on the web site. The Suicide King Fez is our take on the classic self-skewering king of hearts imagery. I first teased the concept sketch for this over a year and a half ago and it has taken me this long to get this into thread. The challenge with this design was the amount of small detailed patterns traditionally found in playing card design. I also had a good time working with a mostly primary color palette. I wasn't sure that I would be able to capture the same mood found in...

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It's time for a little Spring Cleaning!   We've hit that point of the year where we need to impose some order on our chaotic lives. The first wave of the 2016 Con Season has passed and we need to start planning for the next batch of shows. Since our focus has always been on creating new stuff, we are forced to make the hard decisions about which designs need to be retired to clear some space for future designs. We try to bring something new to each show and we have a limited amount of space in the booth, so...

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I had other plans for this week's design but late last night I learned of the passing of one of my idols and I'm still struggling with the creative world's loss. David Bowie was a huge influence on me. Not only as a vocalist (I've done my best singing as a pale impression of his great talent) but also in fashion and art. I spent much of my high school years dressing like him, and his imprint could be seen throughout my work in my fashion design degree. He pushed boundaries we couldn't even see and taught me to challenge not...

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To celebrate the historic SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality, we made something blue! Well, we are thrilled to mark this historic and long overdue event in our own humble way with our new fez dedicated to marriage equality. This special edition fez features a pair of sacred hearts entwined in the colors of the rainbow. In the center of the design you will find a silver-tone ring with a pale blue rhinestone as the jewel. I didn't wake up Friday morning planning to release a new Fez of the Week design but sometimes these things just need to happen, and when...

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