#148 ~ The Jackalope Fez

#148 ~ The Jackalope Fez

We off to Arizona to sell fezzes at the Jackalope Art Fair and we're celebrating the only way we know how... with a special Fez of the Week!

To mark our first appearance at the Jackalope Fair we made a special limited edition of our classic Jackalope Fez but seeing as this is a holiday weekend and many of you are trapped visiting family, we're making this one available for those that can't get out of the house this week.

The Jackalope Fez features our classic cryptid on a special low-profile rich Brown velvet fez with an antique copper tassel eyelet. Our Copper tassel pairs nicely with the fabric for a warm vintage look.

Since we only made 13 fezzes to bring to the show, it is pretty likely we will sell-out of a few sizes. So for one week only, we are taking pre-orders for this special Jackalope design in all sizes. Then once we get back, we will make and ship your fez.

Now if that wasn't exciting enough, we also made a batch of Mini Jackalope fezzes!

We're nearly out of the materials used to make these half-scale fezzes but we will make what we can while the supplies last! The Mini Jackalope features the scaled down artwork from the full size fez but on Blue velvet instead of Brown because that is what I had cut. The Copper tassels look great with this fabric and embroidery. You will have the choice of adding an elastic chin-strap to the Mini-Fez so it is ready to wear out of the box! [products ids="11556,11562"]
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