#140 The Bowie Owl

#140 The Bowie Owl

I had other plans for this week's design but late last night I learned of the passing of one of my idols and I'm still struggling with the creative world's loss. David Bowie was a huge influence on me. Not only as a vocalist (I've done my best singing as a pale impression of his great talent) but also in fashion and art. I spent much of my high school years dressing like him, and his imprint could be seen throughout my work in my fashion design degree. He pushed boundaries we couldn't even see and taught me to challenge not only other's expectations of one's art but my own expectations as well. I didn't always understand what he was doing but I was always better for having gone along on the ride.

In 1986 David Bowie worked with another one of my heroes, Jim Henson, on the film Labyrinth. I was already a huge Bowie fan, but a fantasy film with David Bowie singing while surrounded by Jim Henson creations only cemented his hero status in my young mind. It was while watching Labyrinth for the umpteenth time a few years ago that I was inspired to create an embroidery design of an owl in flight. Last night, while attempting to process his passing, I decided I needed to create something. I always connected the owl design to David Bowie and considering its mythological meanings, it seems only appropriate that I do a special version to honor his creativity and his lasting influence on so many people.

Thank you David Bowie for all of the inspiration and thank you for showing this cancer survivor that even at the end, the fight for creativity is not only worthwhile, but can be done with grace and dignity. You will be missed.

The Bowie Owl Fez and Chapeau

bowie-owl The Bowie Owl Fez and Chapeau feature a new version of the Barn Owl design first released in 2013. While owls have often been associated with knowledge, wisdom and patience, the Barn Owl is also often thought of as a harbinger of bad news or a vessel of the dead. All of which apply in this case.

I made a few subtle changes to the colors for this memorial edition and one or two not-so-subtle ones for the fans. bowie-owl-chap

I've already made my fez and a chapeau for Maya. If anyone else would like one for their own, we'll be making them to order for the next week.

Place your order by January 18th, the final batch will begin production on the 19th. Please allow extra time for production and I promise I will do my best not to tear up while making your fez.

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