Last chance on these soon to be retired designs

Last chance on these soon to be retired designs

It's time for a little Spring Cleaning!

  The Crossbones Chapeau ~ pictured with a Gold Tassel We've hit that point of the year where we need to impose some order on our chaotic lives. The first wave of the 2016 Con Season has passed and we need to start planning for the next batch of shows. Since our focus has always been on creating new stuff, we are forced to make the hard decisions about which designs need to be retired to clear some space for future designs. We try to bring something new to each show and we have a limited amount of space in the booth, so that means after a few shows, we need to decide which designs get restocked, which ones get new variants, and which ones go out to pasture.

So this time around I wanted to give fair warning and have a last chance opportunity to place a back-order for these designs before we send them on their way. Back-orders will be open through the end of April, come May, these editions will be closed and what is left in stock will be placed in the Last Call category.

Last chance to order these styles in all sizes:

We will not be restocking these designs, so if you are interested be sure to place a back-order. Some of these may return in a new color variant in the future, but this is your last chance to get them as pictured. As always, look for new stuff to get posted in the near future as we never stop creating.
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