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While we are as disappointed as anyone that we can't all get together in person this year,  we are thrilled to be part of the Gen Con Online event and we have some special new releases to mark the occasion. The Gen Con D20 Ouroborus Fez It's our first Official Gen Con Exclusive design! This special limited edition fez features the classic Gen Con wireframe d20 encircled by a gold ouroborus dragon on our red velvet fez.Each fez features a numbered Limited Edition Fez Plate stitched to the quilted lining. Only 250 will be made -  Ends August 31 with a special pre-sale...

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Finally, our first Fez of the Week design for 2017! It's been a rough start to the year but we are starting to get things back in the groove and while we prep for our first big show of the year, I think we can squeeze in a new Fez of the Week for all of you firing up your Mardi Gras celebrations. The Fleur-de-lis Fez It's been a few years since we did the Fleur-de-lis and we've gotten a number of requests by our friends down in New Orleans to bring it back for another round. This time we're...

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Once again it is time to turn to our annual tradition of marking the changing of the calendar year by watching the entire Marx Brothers' oeuvre, in order, starting December 31st and running until we're done. The point of doing this is to end the year the way we began it: laughing and celebrating my favorite classic-comedy team. To coincide with our movie marathon, each year we open up orders for a special tribute to Groucho and the boys, the Freedonian Fez. Inspired by the fantastic film Duck Soup, the Freedonian features the great seal of Freedonia emblazoned on our...

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We off to Arizona to sell fezzes at the Jackalope Art Fair and we're celebrating the only way we know how... with a special Fez of the Week! To mark our first appearance at the Jackalope Fair we made a special limited edition of our classic Jackalope Fez but seeing as this is a holiday weekend and many of you are trapped visiting family, we're making this one available for those that can't get out of the house this week. The Jackalope Fez features our classic cryptid on a special low-profile rich Brown velvet fez with an antique copper tassel...

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We're revisiting one of the greatest films of all time with this tribute to Charlie Chaplin's opus The Great Dictator. Fez of the Week #147 features the Double Cross symbol of the fine country of Tomainia on our low profile fez in a lush, camel velvet. We've received a number of requests to bring this back over the years, and with our pending election, the themes in this movie are more timely than ever. So for one week only, we're making these to order. So don't miss your chance to get this fez worthy of the Grand Phooey himself! Place...

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