Gen Con Online

Gen Con Online

While we are as disappointed as anyone that we can't all get together in person this year,  we are thrilled to be part of the Gen Con Online event and we have some special new releases to mark the occasion.

The Gen Con D20 Ouroborus Fez

It's our first Official Gen Con Exclusive design!

This special limited edition fez features the classic Gen Con wireframe d20 encircled by a gold ouroborus dragon on our red velvet fez.

Each fez features a numbered Limited Edition Fez Plate stitched to the quilted lining.

Only 250 will be made -  Ends August 31

with a special pre-sale window for the Fezmonger's Patreon members.

~ gencon2020 ~

The first 50 people to use the code gencon2020 at checkout to purchase a fez can get a free tassel upgrade to a 9" or 13" tassel while supplies last.
Just select the fez of your choice, pick your included tassel color and if available, check the upgrade tassel box. Apply the code at checkout for the discount, if available.
Available tassel colors are: Red, Gold, Black (13") Russet, Green (9")
There are limited supplies of each color.


A New Design Debut: The SCMC Gryphon Fez

The SCMC Gryphon FezThe official fez for The Society for Cryptids and Mythical Creatures.

We had hoped to debut this design at our booth this month but we are happy to release it to everyone through the website.

Since we don't have any shows on the schedule we are making this design available immediately as "made to order" while we start the first production run.

These look great with the standard 6" Gold tassel pictured but if you want to really make a statement upgrade to the impressive 13" tassel when you order.

A Special Fez of the Week Return for a Past Favorite Design

Crossbones Fez and ChapeauThe Crossbones Fez and Chapeau
Available to order through August 2nd.

Since being stuck in our studio for the last few months we've done a lot of catching up on TV shows we missed over the years. We're currently halfway through our binge of Black Sails and now we've got pirates on our brains.

So we're bringing back our classic Crossbones styles through the end of the Gen Con weekend.


The Limited Edition Abe Sapien™ Fez

Blue velvet fez featuring Abe Sapien™We were really looking forward to bringing our latest limited edition collaboration with Mike Mignola to all of our 2020 shows, especially Gen Con. Unfortunately that is not how things turned out.

This is the 5th Mignola themed design we have done and while we don't get to bring them to you in person, you can still get your hands on one while supplies last.

Each fez in this run of 100 features a limited edition numbered Fez Plate stitched to the lining.


See all of these and some of the other stuff we would have featured in our booth this year in our Gen Con Collection page.

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