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First off, let me thank all of the people that have donated to our cancer charity. The generosity among the fez community amazes me. Sadly all 13 of the Moko Moai on 2tone Tapa have been claimed. Unfortunately I only had a little bit of this fabric available, otherwise I would keep making them as a way to thank you all for donating. However the Dance-a-thon is still over a week away and we're not going to stop now.We have a very special item for this week's fund raiser scheme:The Mr Ambassador Deluxe Prototype Fez!We had a little wager with...

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Well you asked for it comrade, so now here it is. The Hammer and Sickle that was originally made for a very special purpose and returned as Fez of the Week #32 is back again and now we are happy to offer you the new Hammer and Sickle Deluxe on... Red velvet of course! These are done on a low profile fez with the classic golden hammer and sickle on a red two-tone starburst star with black and gold outlines. Nothing says you're a man of the people like the people's fez! $55+shipping

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The page is up and I'm ready to get to work on this very special fezzes. New for this year is the Moko Moai on a 2-tone Tall fez with black velvet and orange tapa cloth! I'm also offering to make last year's Fez-o-rama Fez on 2-tone with black and leopard print velvets. Head on over to the info page on Fez-o-rama.com to learn more and please help me spread the word. Last year I made 10 charity fezzes, this year I hope to double that.

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This week we've got something special just in time for last minute Christmas shopping! We are often asked if we do seasonal designs and our typical answer is we just don't plan far enough in advance to get around to that sort of thing. This year once again we were asked and I finally decided that something needed to be done. On Monday I cracked open my sketchbook and now we bring you the Krampus Fez! You see, back in the day Santa wasn't a one man operation. Long before he was co-opted by soft drink concerns and started running...

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The Soviet Deluxe Fez Prototype Low Profile Fez - 6 colors on Dark Red Wavy Velvet The Soviet Deluxe Fez is a prototype of a revisit to a past design. The original Soviet Fez was made exclusively for Gio Corsi for his Mr Ambassador character on the Tiki Bar TV podcast. We've gotten a few requests for us to put these into production but I told Gio that the original was only for him and that I would create a new version for sale. The Soviet Deluxe features a number of subtle improvements and is now on dark red wavy...

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