Last week to fight cancer & get a fez!

Only 10 days left until Maya, Joe and I are joining 26 of our closest friends and 31 other teams to dance for 24 hours and raise money for the City of Hope Hospital!
So how can you get in on the fun and fight cancer?
Why, by getting yourself a new fez!

Only one week left to donate money AND get one of 4 Special Edition fezzes that we are offering to you for free! - including the return of the rare Maroon Atomic Fez! All you need to do is donate some green to fight cancer! Just jump on over to our web site and learn more!

I understand that times are rough and that the economy has hit us all. In fact we are forced to move once again because of the downturn but that doesn't mean we can forget about cancer because it sure as hell won't be forgetting about us. That is why we've decided that instead of simply begging for donations we're going to reward your generosity with some spiffy new headgear!

Act now before it is too late!
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