#32 The Soviet Deluxe Fez

The Soviet Deluxe Fez Prototype Low Profile Fez - 6 colors on Dark Red Wavy Velvet The Soviet Deluxe Fez is a prototype of a revisit to a past design. The original Soviet Fez was made exclusively for Gio Corsi for his Mr Ambassador character on the Tiki Bar TV podcast. We've gotten a few requests for us to put these into production but I told Gio that the original was only for him and that I would create a new version for sale. The Soviet Deluxe features a number of subtle improvements and is now on dark red wavy velvet. If we get enough interest we will put this one into production for 2010. So if you are interested in joining in on the Red Scare fun drop us a line and if you happen to have a 23.5" golova then hit the link quickly and you may have this in time for the Holidays.
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