The Krampus Fez

This week we've got something special just in time for last minute Christmas shopping!
We are often asked if we do seasonal designs and our typical answer is we just don't plan far enough in advance to get around to that sort of thing. This year once again we were asked and I finally decided that something needed to be done. On Monday I cracked open my sketchbook and now we bring you the Krampus Fez!

You see, back in the day Santa wasn't a one man operation. Long before he was co-opted by soft drink concerns and started running around with the little pointy shoe guys, Santa had a partner that took care of some of the uglier parts of the job. Krampus (or Krumpus) was responsible for the "naughty" side of the equation and would show up to punish the evil little tykes with a birch branch whip and rusty chains. Then he would put the nasty little house-apes in the basket strapped to his back and haul them off to depths. Ah, the glory days of childrearing... good times.

Krampus appears on a tall red wavy velvet fez with his cargo lovingly placed in their child safety basket on the back. We're doing something a bit different this time around. Instead of just offering one prototype and then creating more in the future, we are going to offer this special fez as a limited time pre-order. The order page will be open starting Friday December 11th and will close on Monday at the latest. This will give us the chance to produce the fezzes as orders are received and ship them by the 18th.

Don't delay. We can only do a small batch of these and once the window closes you will have to wait another year for your chance to honor Santa's unsung cohort.

While you're on the site check out our Paypal Gift Certificates. The perfect thing to give your favorite Fez-head in your life when you're not sure which fez to get.
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