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…and that means new fezzes, new events and another long winded newsletter! First up: It’s a sale! All of our Mark III and Mark IV fezzes are on sale. Get them while they last! Whoops, the Mark IIIs are all gone… um, All Mark IVs are on sale! Our Newest Design: The Mimic Fez Our latest original fez design shines a light onto the subversive cephalopod threat to mankind's very existence! ...or it could just be a rather dapper bobtail squid with a monocle and a fez. Don't ask me, I'm a fezmonger not a marine biologist. These fezzes are...

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Avast ye scurvy dogs! Fer the next twenty four turns of the hour glass we be having a sale on the most appropriate toppers for this day. For only three o' four shares you can get the feared Jolly Roger and fly the colors on yer pate! Just point yer compass hand o'er the image and pull the trigger ... and take no prisoners! (but do feel free to take you choice of Skull & Bones fez for 25% off today only!)

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One of our very early Low Profile designs returns for a limited run as in tall!  The "FEZ" fez The FEZ Fez was from our first batch of fezzes and has been retired for many years. As part of our Spring Cleaning initiative I decided to bring it back for a short run for those that missed the chance to get one in the early days. This time the FEZ fez is on Cherry Red wavy velvet and sports the most direct and to the point embroidery we could come up with. Finally a fez that in one step raises...

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After making two prototypes it only took another two years and the great Spring Cleaning initiative to get around to making a few Hei Tikis for sale! Since this is the last of this particular fabric, we were only able to make 13 Hei Tiki fezzes available. When these are gone there won't be any more like them.  The Hei Tiki is a traditional Maori design, often a carved in jade and is usually a representation of an ancestor. This has always been one of my favorite traditional tiki designs and it is finally available again.$50+shipping

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After another weekend of sewing we are nearly done with our Spring Cleaning initiative. What started out to be a way of organizing our shelves before we started cutting more fabric turned into an epic, month-long marathon of fez production. Anyone that has followed this blog in the past knows that we make our fezzes in small batches of around one to two dozen at a time. This is a hands-on effort by us. So you might understand when I say this has gotten a bit larger than anticipated. Joe gave me an estimated count and after we finish the 35...

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