The Spring Cleaning Saga cont.

Nothing really new to report this week. We are continuing to work on clearing out our shelves and this has created a bit of a glut in our production. While there are no knew fezzes posted to the site today there is a huge pile of them on the horizon. There will be a whole lot more Skull & Bones coming in both black and red velvet. More Moko Monkeys and Moko Moai as well as some Monkey Skulls are on the way. 

My 2nd Hei Tiki Fez from 2008
On top of all that, there are even a few variations on designs we haven't had in many years including one that was never put into proper production! Way back in 2007 I did a Fez of the Week with a Hei Tiki on black velvet. Then again in 2008 I tried a Hei Tiki on the slate green velvet we used for the Honu Fez. While I like the design I wasn't sure about the colors. This is often a sticking point for me. Well I finally got some green threads that I was happy with and we will soon have a new Limited Edition run of Hei TIki Fezzes on the green velvet you see here.

Keep checking the site for updates, I getting closer to having them done and posted!
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