Spring is upon us!

…and that means new fezzes, new events and another long winded newsletter!

First up: It’s a sale!

All of our Mark III and Mark IV fezzes are on sale. Get them while they last!
Whoops, the Mark IIIs are all gone… um, All Mark IVs are on sale!

mimicOur Newest Design: The Mimic Fez

Our latest original fez design shines a light onto the subversive cephalopod threat to mankind's very existence! ...or it could just be a rather dapper bobtail squid with a monocle and a fez. Don't ask me, I'm a fezmonger not a marine biologist.

These fezzes are currently in production but you can pre-order yours now! We’ve already started shipping the first ones.

Fez Friday

We have the winners of February's Fez Friday Foto Challenges.

First up we have the winner of the random drawing:

As a bonus we also selected our favorite photo of the month:

The end of a long #fezfriday...




Each of our winners will be receiving one of our classic Mark IV fezzes.

If you want to get in on the Fez Friday fun read about it here: http://goo.gl/yJqI8 We'll be having another drawing this month and launch the next photo challenge in a few weeks.

Speaking of Fez Friday, we're having a fez-up this week at La Villa Basque Friday May 4th at 8pm. We're going to support this artifact of MidCentury design and gather with other like-minded Fezthusiasts for dinner and drinks. Learn more about the why here.

tikioasisfezTiki Oasis Fez

We are coming to the end of the run on our Limited Edition Tiki Oasis fezzes. If you wanted one of these special fezzes featuring fabric designed by Shag, act quickly! We're getting down to our last dozen!

Only 50 of these will be made and I’m not sure if there will be any left by the end of the month.

Mojave Oasis

We're venturing out of doors! That's right, Winter is coming to an end and Spring is upon us, so it is high time we got some fresh air and mingled with our tiki brethren. So while others are filing their last minute tax returns we'll be heading out to the Mojave Oasis gathering for a weekend of exotic bands, tiki fans and ukulele jams. Fez-o-rama will be there for all your exotic headwear needs.

See Internet Legend Leo Laporte show off his Chief TWiT Fez on camera!
Fullscreen capture 332011 103527 AM.bmp
Coming Soon: More unique Fezzes of the Week, the Gorilla gets a last hurrah and The Mignola Fez Limited Edition?

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