Spring Cleaning: The End is Nigh!

After another weekend of sewing we are nearly done with our Spring Cleaning initiative. What started out to be a way of organizing our shelves before we started cutting more fabric turned into an epic, month-long marathon of fez production. Anyone that has followed this blog in the past knows that we make our fezzes in small batches of around one to two dozen at a time. This is a hands-on effort by us. 
So you might understand when I say this has gotten a bit larger than anticipated. Joe gave me an estimated count and after we finish the 35 or so fezzes sitting on my table, we will have made over 300 fezzes! This is easily the largest batch of fezzes we have made and needless to say I'm a little worn out on the whole sewing fezzes thing. Luckily we now have much to do on the website to get these guys ready to be snatched up by all you cool cats.

We have new designs and restocked ones, not counting a few random one-offs, and they are posted and ready to go. The first two are our latest in the Skull & Bones series. We have Low Profile fezzes in both Black and Cherry Red velvet. We are almost sold out of the Skull & Bones that we posted last time so I don't expect these to last very long... get 'em while you can! 
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