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This month we are taking Fez-o-rama on the road as we have a pair of Cons in rapid succession. So instead of trying to get back home in time to pack for a flight right back out, we’re keeping our car pointed North East and making it into a road trip. Our first stop: The Phoenix Comicon May 23rd-26th, 2013 Memorial Day Weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center. This will be our second time exhibiting at PhxCC and last year was such a great time we can’t wait to get back there. We’ll be right in the heart of the...

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It just occurred to me that we are long overdue for a Newsletter! This month we are hitting the road and visiting great places in the Bay Area as well a SoCal. Road Trip! We’re taking to the road to San Francisco this upcoming holiday weekend to spend some time visiting friends and seeing the sites. We’ve even planned a special Fez-up for Fez Friday on July 6th so if you are in the Bay Area, grab your fez and join us for: Join us for an evening of Food, Friends and Fine Coffee as we invade +Wicked Grounds ,...

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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="431" caption="Wil Wheaton with Fez as shot by Atom Moore"][/caption] JCCC2, a gallery on Flickr. Last month an intrepid band of nerds took to the high seas for a week-long adventure of performances, board games and buffets. The Jo Co Cruise Crazy also features a mustache and fez formal and I am thrilled to report that a few of our fezzes were present among the remarkable collection of unique tarboosh and tickler combinations. A few of my favorite photos from the 2nd Annual Paul F. Thomkins Memorial Mustache and Fez Formal found on Flickr.

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Last week we unexpectedly found ourselves in London. Since this was not in our plans as the month started, the trip casually tossed a relatively large monkey wrench in my November plans. Look, I love bringing our fezzy brand of surrealism to you on a regular basis but… come on, London! So I packed the most appropriate fez I had and off we went. …and, now we’re back. So after recovering from the jet-lag we’re back to work on making those fezzes you love so much. I’m currently working on restocking the Cthulhu and Elder Gods fezzes and prototyping a...

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This past weekend we took part in the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival at the beautiful Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro California. It is always a treat to visit this amazing example of Art Deco and this time we had an amazing event to attend. This being our first time vending at the HPL Fest we had no idea of what to expect. Simply put we were blown away! The organizers did an amazing job. The volunteers were fantastic, it was great meeting all sorts of cool people and the films were a blast. Now admittedly I didn’t get to...

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