An American Fezmonger in London

London Last week we unexpectedly found ourselves in London. Since this was not in our plans as the month started, the trip casually tossed a relatively large monkey wrench in my November plans. Look, I love bringing our fezzy brand of surrealism to you on a regular basis but… come on, London! So I packed the most appropriate fez I had and off we went. …and, now we’re back. So after recovering from the jet-lag we’re back to work on making those fezzes you love so much. I’m currently working on restocking the Cthulhu and Elder Gods fezzes and prototyping a new design. So keep an eye on the website for updates later this weekend. Also, if you are interested in ordering a Krampus fez this season, get your orders in soon. The next batch will begin production this weekend. ~Fezmonger
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