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Here is yet another woefully belated post that should have been up weeks ago: Last month we held another of our Fez Friday Foto challenges over on the Twitter. If you aren’t familiar with Fez Fridays here is the nutshell version: Each Friday of the month I invite our fans to post impromptu photos of themselves wearing their Fez-o-rama Fez with the hashtag #FezFriday. The photos are posted the same Friday that they are taken. At the end of the month one winner is randomly selected from all of the eligible entries. This time I decided to do something special...

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I wanted to do something a bit special for the big “five oh” fez and I’m happy to report that is exactly what we have here. I am thrilled to present the Mignola Fez, a design done with the specific purpose of capping the pate of Mike Mignola, the genius that created Hellboy, BPRD and my personal favorite: The Amazing Screw On Head. Do yourself a favor and watch the animated pilot below. As you might have noticed in my previous designs, I have an affinity towards skull. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed drawing skulls, both cartoonish...

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To commemorate my return to the Fez of the Week project I decided to finally make myself an appropriate fez to wear while I turn the cogs and flip the switches on the fez-making machines around here. This week's fez features my personal identification among the working class. Actually -don't tell anyone this- but I'm only borrowing the number. I'm only posing as a worker to impress this really cute girl. I think we may have a real future together... of course if my father found out what I was doing he would kill me. Anyway you know the rest. It's a...

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Only 10 days left until Maya, Joe and I are joining 26 of our closest friends and 31 other teams to dance for 24 hours and raise money for the City of Hope Hospital!So how can you get in on the fun and fight cancer?Why, by getting yourself a new fez! Only one week left to donate money AND get one of 4 Special Edition fezzes that we are offering to you for free! - including the return of the rare Maroon Atomic Fez! All you need to do is donate some green to fight cancer! Just jump on over...

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