February Fez Friday Winner

Here is yet another woefully belated post that should have been up weeks ago:
Last month we held another of our Fez Friday Foto challenges over on the Twitter. If you aren’t familiar with Fez Fridays here is the nutshell version: Each Friday of the month I invite our fans to post impromptu photos of themselves wearing their Fez-o-rama Fez with the hashtag #FezFriday. The photos are posted the same Friday that they are taken. At the end of the month one winner is randomly selected from all of the eligible entries. This time I decided to do something special for the prize. Instead of simply giving away one of our current styles I wanted to do a special fez for the winner. Last month’s winner was @gotNIEM and I presented him with my ideas that included a custom QR Code fez. TomQRI had played with QR codes in the past and had even made a QR fez a few years ago but that was before I learned that QRs have a built-in redundancy to cover reading errors. This meant I could tweak the design and still have a functional code. I needed to put this theory to the test and Tom was willing to be my guinea pig. Tom’s fez points to his blog at sexyredheadednuns.org and despite the stylized embroidery the QR code works quite well. You just need to get the camera square with the embroidery. So congrats on the new fez, Tom. I hope you have a good time with it. If you want to win your very own custom QR Code Fez just keep an eye on my Twitter feed for the next Fez Friday Challenge.
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