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We're back at it again this year! Maya, Joe and I are joining with 26 of our closest friends to dance for 24 hours and raise money for the City of Hope Hospital!So how can you help fight cancer?Why, by getting yourself a new fez! We have four Special Edition fezzes that we are offering to you for free! - including the return of the rare Maroon Atomic Fez! All you need to do is donate money to fight cancer! Just jump on over to our web site and learn more!If you find that you simply can't afford to make...

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Last year we were contacted by the Fender Custom Shop to do a set of custom fezzes for them. Now we don't do all of the requests we get but this was a hard one to turn down. I mean besides having a great logo, they have the word "custom" right there in the name! These guys get what we are doing here.We have done low profile 20 fezzes in a deep blue wavy velvet. The orange bits on the tassels you see here are simply the protective wraps we ship with.The word is they will be wearing these in...

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This week we're featuring a special order we did for some of our friends serving over in Baghdad. These were designed in conjunction with the guys overseas and feature our first application of our new fez vents for hotter climates. The photo was taken just after we installed the vents but before the tassels went in.On the fezzes to the sides you can see the motto of the CJ5 embroidered on the back of the fezzes. "Row Well and Live" if a favorite quote from Spartacus and a good thing to keep in mind when a team of people really...

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This week's fez is a special order made for Van of The Malamondos, a "Psycho-a-Go-Go Sleazeout of garage, surf, punk and swamp rock." That really does sum them up quite well. Check out their stuff at One of the reasons we started making fezzes for people outside of our close knit group was so we could show our support of bands and independent artists. This band is exactly the sort of thing we were thinking about.

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This week we have two fezzes! The Untamed Highway fezzes were created for our friends Noah and Shawn, the kool kats behind the great Untamed Highway comic book. We got the chance to meet last year at the Tiki Invasion and immediately came up with an idea for an art exchange. Noah and Shawn conceived and created a one page ad for Fez-o-rama (that is framed and hanging proudly just outside my office!) and in return I made them two custom fezzes based on the ones worn by characters in their comic. I can't wait to see these on their...

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