2010, charcoal, custom, Fez of the Week, low, low profile, wavy -

#36 Worker No. 11811 Fez

To commemorate my return to the Fez of the Week project I decided to finally make myself an appropriate fez to wear while I turn the cogs and flip the switches on the fez-making machines around here. This week's fez features my personal identification among the working class. Actually -don't tell anyone this- but I'm only borrowing the number. I'm only posing as a worker to impress this really cute girl. I think we may have a real future together... of course if my father found out what I was doing he would kill me. Anyway you know the rest. It's a low profile fez in charcoal velvet with monochrome numbers. If you are interested in this fez you can find it on top of my head while I'm sewing.