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We've added two new designs to our collection of tassel retention pins! Each of our special edition enamel pins are limited to a run of 100 and it is now time to add a few new ones to the collection. The Mouse Pin First up is the new Mouse Pin based on the mouse icon featured on our Pink Elephant Fez. This classy guy is 1.25" tall and features a safety-pin back that is perfect for holding the tassel cord to one side of the fez or chapeau. It is a 3 color enamel design with a black nickel finish. The...

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This week's special design is a meta mini fez!  The T.O.P.E. Mini Fez Styled after the very design worn by the exalted and inebriated Pink Elephant himself, the T.O.P.E Mini Fez features the Olive and Crossed Picks seen on the Grand Inebriate's own noggin topper. I often sneak fezzes into the designs we create for the fezzes and this week’s mini fez is a replica of the fez worn by the cocktail swilling pachyderm on the Tasseled Order of the Pink Elephant Fez! This is the rare occasion where we are taking pre-orders for a mini fez design. These are typically made...

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Stow your fez in style! Since I started making fezzes way back at the turn of the century, I have been on the prowl for a good way to store and transport them. In the past I've used shipping boxes, food service boxes, even a converted make-up case made by a good friend. Ultimately each came up short in one way or another. What I needed was something sturdy but lightweight, had a bit of style and most importantly, it needed to be able to be packed in a suitcase. We do a lot of travel and since our fezzes are designed to...

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