New Tassel Pins!

New Tassel Pins!

We've added two new designs to our collection of tassel retention pins!

Each of our special edition enamel pins are limited to a run of 100 and it is now time to add a few new ones to the collection.

The Mouse Pinmouse-pin

First up is the new Mouse Pin based on the mouse icon featured on our Pink Elephant Fez. This classy guy is 1.25" tall and features a safety-pin back that is perfect for holding the tassel cord to one side of the fez or chapeau. It is a 3 color enamel design with a black nickel finish. The Mouse Pin is now available and ready to be added to your next order.

The Mimic Pin

Our classic Mimic Octopus design returns as a new limited edition tassel pin! Way back in 2011 we introduced the Mimic Octopus Fez and for years it was my go-to fez to wear. Sadly his time as one of our longest running fez designs is nearing an end and to commemorate the design we decided to make a tassel pin version. If you are one of the many people to get a Mimic Fez over the last five years then this is the pin for you! The Mimic Pin is 1.5" tall and is available now while supplies last!
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