#138 The T.O.P.E. Mini Fez

#138 The T.O.P.E. Mini Fez

This week's special design is a meta mini fez! 

The T.O.P.E. Mini Fez

olive-miniStyled after the very design worn by the exalted and inebriated Pink Elephant himself, the T.O.P.E Mini Fez features the Olive and Crossed Picks seen on the Grand Inebriate's own noggin topper.

I often sneak fezzes into the designs we create for the fezzes and this week’s mini fez is a replica of the fez worn by the cocktail swilling pachyderm on the Tasseled Order of the Pink Elephant Fez!

This is the rare occasion where we are taking pre-orders for a mini fez design. These are typically made in very small batches for shows and only show up on the website in limited quantities. We decided it was time we did something special as a web-only exclusive for one week.

Order by Dec 28th!

The Tasseled Order of the Pink Elephant Fez

pink-elephantWhile we're on the topic of Pink Elephants, we still have some Tasseled Order of Pink Elephant Fezzes in stock and for the sizes we're out of, we're making them to order.

If you get your order in this week we will rush production and get them shipped out before the New Year.

They may not reach you in time to ring in the new year, but let's face it, this isn't the only time of the year you plan to drink more than your share.

Available now!

Don't forget to occasionally check the Fez-o-rama Mini Fez listing to see the currently available mini fez designs.

These tend to show up in limited batches and random designs, so check back in later if you don't see something you want now.

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