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Why limit the gluttony and sloth to just one day? Live deliciously year-round with this special Black Friday Edition fez! Available Made-to-Order for only 36 hours!EDITION CLOSED Once again we're marking Black Friday with a special Black on Black on Black limited edition design. This year we've turned to the most metal of all the animals in the petting zoo: the black goat! This obsidian Capra Aegagrus is rendered in full blackness, with black thread on our low-profile fez in black velvet, with a black quilted lining and a black chrome tassel grommet. Add the optional Black Chrome Vents and throw in a Black Bronze Skull tassel...

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Today may be all about giving thanks and spending time with family, but tomorrow is all about gettin' yours while surrounded by people who will step on your neck if you get in the way of their discount television purchase. Here at Fez-o-rama, we decided to celebrate Black Friday in a different way... by going literal! It's the 36 hour Black Friday Collection That's right, we're back again with a special Black Friday offer but this time instead one measly fez, it's a whole collection! Four different styles that have one thing in common: black. Black velvet, black thread, black quilted...

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Do not adjust your monitor, it is actually that much black. Four years ago I made a black on black on black Skull and Crossbones fez as a Fez of the Week. We still get comments about that one. With the popularity of this year's Crossbones fez, I think it is time we revisited the idea with 2nd edition. This special holiday edition fez is only available through Black Friday and features our original Crossbones design rendered in all black thread on a black velvet fez. Now that I think about it, I pretty much summed the idea up in my...

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