The Black Friday Collection

The Black Friday Collection

Today may be all about giving thanks and spending time with family, but tomorrow is all about gettin' yours while surrounded by people who will step on your neck if you get in the way of their discount television purchase. Here at Fez-o-rama, we decided to celebrate Black Friday in a different way... by going literal!

It's the 36 hour Black Friday Collection

That's right, we're back again with a special Black Friday offer but this time instead one measly fez, it's a whole collection! Four different styles that have one thing in common: black. Black velvet, black thread, black quilted linings, black chrome tassel grommets. You can even throw in a black tassel and black chrome vents if you think you can handle that much black. Just be sure to place your order before the black hour of Midnight PST on Friday.

The Black Friday Fez ~ 2nd Ed.

This is the one that started it all out. A black velvet low-profile fez with a black embroidered skull and crossbones. This is your second and final chance to get this special edition fez. The Black Friday Fez was so popular we decided to bring it back for one more run.  So if you missed out on the 36 hour sale last year, don't miss this opportunity to darken your pate with some blacker than black fez action.

Order by Midnight PST Friday

The Black Friday Chapeau

black-friday-chapWhy should the fez get all of the Black Friday fun? For the first time we're offering a Black Friday Chapeau! This is the same Crossbones design rendered in dark black on slightly darker black velvet chapeau featuring a slightly less dark black chrome tassel grommet. Top it with a black tassel and you've got yourself one stealthy Scottish pirate's cap. Our Black Friday Chapeau is available in four sizes and like the rest of the collection, will be made to order for a very limited time! Order by Midnight PST Friday

The Black Eye Fez

black-eyeTo celebrate the blackest Fez Friday of the year we decided to introduce a new design to the glory of monochromatic haberdashery. This black velvet tall fez features our mysterious Mystic Eye design rendered in all of the colors in the subtractive color spectrum at once! An inky black eye peers forth from this inky black fez, pictured here with an inky black tassel. Add the optional black chrome vents to the top to help all of those inky black thoughts to escape into the aether.

Order by Midnight PST Friday

The Black Eye Chapeau

black-eye-chapAs if three Black Friday styles weren't enough. Our final Black Friday offering is a black velvet chapeau that features a black Mystic Eye black with a blackity black and black black. Black the black blackness on this blackity black black black with black black black. Black black black black black black, blackity black black black black black black black. Black the black on the black black black. Black by MidBlack PST Blackday
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