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We return to our Fez of the Week project with a special update to one of our past fezzes. A couple of years ago we had the honor of making the first official TWiT fez for one of our idols, Leo Laporte. We first met Leo in person when we went to visit his studio where he was producing his This Week in Tech netcasts as well as many other shows that make up the TWiT Network. Leo and his network have continued to evolve and grow and last year they up and moved into their glamorous TWiT Brick House studio...

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…and that means new fezzes, new events and another long winded newsletter! First up: It’s a sale! All of our Mark III and Mark IV fezzes are on sale. Get them while they last! Whoops, the Mark IIIs are all gone… um, All Mark IVs are on sale! Our Newest Design: The Mimic Fez Our latest original fez design shines a light onto the subversive cephalopod threat to mankind's very existence! ...or it could just be a rather dapper bobtail squid with a monocle and a fez. Don't ask me, I'm a fezmonger not a marine biologist. These fezzes are...

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This week’s fez is a special one to celebrate the November 29th birthday of the President of the Internet and Chief TWiT, Leo Laporte. So commemorate Leo’s birthday I stayed up late last night and got up early today so I can present to you the Chief TWiT Fez! This 7.5” venti style fez features the TWiT logo, name and a 16” handmade UberTassel! This is only the second Venti Fez that I have made and I am very excited to make this one for the guy that gets me through my commute and manages to educate and inform in...

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After a what seemed like an endless delay, the TWiT Fezzes are now up and ready to order! Don't know what I'm talking about? You can see Leo and Sarah wearing them every Thursday on iPad Today as part of their App Cap Award segment: [caption id="attachment_320" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Fez #38 of the Order Of The Fez was kind enough to point this out."][/caption] While this will be a limited edition design (I should have enough to make about 100 of these fezzes before we run out of this velvet) we will be continuing to make more. So if your...

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While I am cramming for Tiki Oasis in two weeks I figured I would take a second to announce something pretty cool for the non-Tiki fans. We have been given the OK to make more TWiT Fezzes! I won't be able to get started on them until we return from San Diego but we do have a page in place and we're starting a "wait list" for those that want to be first in line for these special fezzes. Head on over to for more info.

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