#46 The Chief TWiT Fez

chiefTWiTThis week’s fez is a special one to celebrate the November 29th birthday of the President of the Internet and Chief TWiT, Leo Laporte. So commemorate Leo’s birthday I stayed up late last night and got up early today so I can present to you the Chief TWiT Fez! This 7.5” venti style fez features the TWiT logo, name and a 16” handmade UberTassel! This is only the second Venti Fez that I have made and I am very excited to make this one for the guy that gets me through my commute and manages to educate and inform in the process. Just to give you some perspective, the standard TWiT fez is a low profile style that measures 4.5” tall. The Chief TWiT fez features an extra 3” of fez! This represents 66% more tech authority so there should be no question as to who is the guy in charge down at the TWiT Cottage. Now while today is Leo’s birthday, we unfortunately won’t be up in his area until this Friday. However I would like this to be a surprise so if everyone on the internet could hide behind the couch and jump out screaming “Happy Birthday” when I give you the cue I would greatly appreciate it. I will flick the lights or something. Every great leader needs an ostentatious hat.
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