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#90 The TWiT Brick House Fez

twit-gearWe return to our Fez of the Week project with a special update to one of our past fezzes. A couple of years ago we had the honor of making the first official TWiT fez for one of our idols, Leo Laporte. We first met Leo in person when we went to visit his studio where he was producing his This Week in Tech netcasts as well as many other shows that make up the TWiT Network. Leo and his network have continued to evolve and grow and last year they up and moved into their glamorous TWiT Brick House studio just a few blocks away from their first studio in Petaluma California. Well we finally managed to make the trip up to Northern California to visit the new digs in person and present Leo with a new fez worthy of his new set. While the new TWiT studio features a number of beautiful sets, including a replica of the original office Leo started out in, the main set has a large lighted gear with the TWiT logo as a backdrop. The second I saw this I knew I had to make a new fez, something that would capture the warm glow of the new set. Unfortunately it would take me nearly a year to make a return trip to Petaluma, California but I am very glad we made the effort. I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with Leo for a little post-TWiT interview as I presented him with the first of the new fezzes. It was an honor and a thrill to get to sit at the mic with one of my favorite broadcasters and someone that I really look up to as a creative and passionate media pioneer.
So after much delay we are Thrilled to present the new TWiT Brick House Fez! You can order these now on our website at the TWiT Brick House Fez page. We’re making these to order so please allow a little extra time for production. If you are ever in the Bay Area I strongly suggest making a trip to Petaluma to see the TWiT Brick House in person. You can learn more about how to be in the audience for one of their shows on the website and I highly recommend their shows for all of the latest in tech news.