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This week’s fez is inspired by the two greatest words of modern literature as written by one of my favorite authors.  Douglas Adams was a giant among humorists, SciFi authors and well, human beings. The guy was rather tall. Beyond being a great influence on me and my sense of humor I would like to think that he would have gotten the humor in this whole silly hat thing I’ve been doing. The Don’t Panic! fez is the perfect fez for Loan Officers, Guidance Counselors, Holiday Retailers and actually damn near everyone else dealing with modern life. I would suggest...

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Fez of the Week, Sold -

In an incredible twist of  fate, this week's fez is a celebration of public safety and obsolete communication devices. Fez #34 features a classic English police call box in blue on an ominous black velvet fez. Whether you are a retired Bobby, a fan of public safety or the last of your kind, this is the fez for you... assuming you wear a 2X fez. If you do then head over to the Fez-o-rama store and if you are quick this fez may be yours at the special Fez of the Week discount price! SOLD Special Bonus Fez! Due to...

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The Soviet Deluxe Fez Prototype Low Profile Fez - 6 colors on Dark Red Wavy Velvet The Soviet Deluxe Fez is a prototype of a revisit to a past design. The original Soviet Fez was made exclusively for Gio Corsi for his Mr Ambassador character on the Tiki Bar TV podcast. We've gotten a few requests for us to put these into production but I told Gio that the original was only for him and that I would create a new version for sale. The Soviet Deluxe features a number of subtle improvements and is now on dark red wavy...

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This week's fez is the prototype of our Skull & Club Signature Edition on a two tone low profile fez featuring black wavy velvet and green tapa print bark cloth. The Skull & Club first appeared on our embroidered work shirts and was only featured on a Fez of the Week over a year ago. I had been wanting to get back to work on this design but it wasn't until I went digging through my personal stash of fabric that I knew what to do with such a vertical design.Only 13 of these Signature Edition fezzes were made and...

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This week's fez was one of the special limited editions that debuted at Tiki Oasis last weekend. These new 2 tone fezzes feature our new Pele design on a combo of black and dark red wavy velvet and were limited to 13 fezzes. Now we only have 3 left and I want the readers of this blog to have the first chance to grab them up. These are low profile fezzes that look good on both the gentlemen and the ladies, so if you are looking to share your fez obsession with your significant other, then this is the gateway...

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