#34 The Police Call Box Fez

In an incredible twist of  fate, this week's fez is a celebration of public safety and obsolete communication devices. Fez #34 features a classic English police call box in blue on an ominous black velvet fez.

Whether you are a retired Bobby, a fan of public safety or the last of your kind, this is the fez for you... assuming you wear a 2X fez. If you do then head over to the Fez-o-rama store and if you are quick this fez may be yours at the special Fez of the Week discount price! SOLD

Special Bonus Fez!

Due to what we will blame on a lack of sleep and poor air circulation, an extra fez was made. This one is also a 2X but unintentionally made in a Low Profile style. So you have two chances to get your hands on this rare design.


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