#42 The Don’t Panic! Fez

dont-panic This week’s fez is inspired by the two greatest words of modern literature as written by one of my favorite authors.  Douglas Adams was a giant among humorists, SciFi authors and well, human beings. The guy was rather tall. Beyond being a great influence on me and my sense of humor I would like to think that he would have gotten the humor in this whole silly hat thing I’ve been doing. The Don’t Panic! fez is the perfect fez for Loan Officers, Guidance Counselors, Holiday Retailers and actually damn near everyone else dealing with modern life. I would suggest wearing this while you brush your teeth in the morning… assuming you can read reflected text.

#42 is an XL high profile fez available for a special price for a limited time! SOLD!

Not an XL? As a special bonus we are going to offer this design as a special order for this week only. This offer will close November 7th and once we get all of the orders we will make a special batch next week. Act quickly but remember… don’t panic. Bonus – Special Order Don’t Panic! fezzes
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