New Tassel Leashes!

Wait, did he say leases? What is the trade-in policy on tassels?
Is your tassel running wild? Does your tassel interrupt intimate conversations by swinging around in your face? Have you ever gotten a tassel caught in your eye? …are you growing uncomfortable with this series of questions and my repeated use of the word tassel?
Then have we got something for you!
skulleashIt’s time to put that tassel on a chain! Sure you could spend your free time in tassel obedience classes, but who want to deal with that? You need to get yourself a Tassel Leash! Our new Tribal Skull Tassel Leash features a 1.5” bronze chain attached to our custom .75” sculpted Tribal Skull from Janelle Badali of Badali Jewelry. Simply pass your tassel cord through the precision jump ring and then pin the skull to the side of your fez. Now your tassel’s wandering is limited to a palatial 3” range. No more embarrassing tassel episodes. No more photos ruined by an errant tassel and no more temporary blindness caused by  your tassel’s attempts to reach your brain through your eye socket.

Get your Tribal Skull Tassel Leash in either White or Yellow Bronze here!

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