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#66 The Sugar Skull

sugar-skullTiki Oasis Preview #3

Many of you may have noticed that we have what might appear to be an unhealthy obsession with skull designs. We actually came to terms with this long ago and now operate on a simple policy of "when in doubt put a skull on it." So when the theme for this year's Tiki Oasis was announced I knew a sugar skull was in order. The Sugar Skull is a traditional part of the Dia de Los Muertos and as part of those ancestral worship celebrations fits right into many of the themes of Tiki celebrations. Our Sugar Skull features a black and white embroidery with velvet applique on a low profile black velvet fez. We've made a batch of 25 to take to the Tiki Oasis Marketplace next week and they will make their appearance on the website soon after.


  • AngryMonkey

    Please let me know when I can buy one of these !!!

  • Don McCants

    This has got to be my fave skull that you have done yet. Any thoughts about a full color sugar skull? Either way, I think I need one for my annual Halloween party. Of course, if I have a Halloween fez, then I’ll need Krampus for Christmas.

  • rawim

    Holy crap, that is awesome.

  • Fezmonger

    We will post what remains to the website next week.

  • AngryMonkey

    Just please please let me know when I can get this jewel for meself !

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