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Our next Fez of the Week is a tribute to those mysterious masked wrestlers of Lucha Libre fame. The Red Luchador Fez features the mysterious máscara of the Red Luchador on a Ruby Red low-profile fez. Pair it with a nice 3-piece suit for that Técnico evening look or just go shirtless, covered in cerveza like the Rudos you hang out with. Just watch your back for that Blue Luchador bastardo. These fezzes will be available for pre-order through Cinco De Mayo but if you order quickly I might be able to get them done and shipped before the big celebration... delivery would depend on where you...

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This week's fez is a special monochrome variant of our recently retired Haku Tiki design! The Haku Silver Screen Edition features our classic Haku design in all of its tiki glory... just a little less saturated. OK, a lot less saturated. We've rendered the tiki in shades of silver to create this formal - and slightly ominous - looking topper. Pair it with a tux for your next black tie affair or don a monochrome aloha shirt and pretend you are being chased by zombies out of one of Hollywood's lost tropical horror films. Since we have WonderCon Anaheim this coming week, we're...

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Amelia Cole, Fez of the Week, low -

Fez of the Week #118 celebrates our friends’ excellent comic book Amelia Cole written by Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride. This low-profile black fez features Lemmy’s head above crossed plumber’s wrenches… let me explain. In Amelia Cole, Lemmy, her trusty golem, is always there to punch through a wall. But more importantly, he’s an innocent. A sweetheart, in a body made of rubble. Lemmy focuses on butterflies, not battle, whenever he can. The wrench, of course, is Amelia’s wand. It’s what she focuses her magic through, an extension of herself and her abilities. It’s never far from her side and though...

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We’re bringing back Fez of the Week #103 for another round! Many moons ago a Twitter discussion with my friends @lartist and @adampknave turned to the topic of bacon and its need to be featured on a fez. In the end I told Lar if he could come up with something appropriate I would turn it into thread and put it on a fez. Well as in most things, many days passed and the notion of a bacon themed fez drifted to that place in my head where most of the good ideas settle down, find mates and raise families, never to be heard...

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Just in time for St. Valentine's Day! The problem with making designs for specific holidays is I seldom think far enough in advance to plan for to get the fezzes shipped in time. Case in point: when I was asked if we had anything planned for Valentine's Day this week I assumed I had until next month to worry about it. Of course next month begins in two days and we're going to be spending the first week of it travelling to New Orleans for a comic con. Needless to say if anything was going to happen for Valentine's Day...

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