The Biohazard Chapeau - VD Edition

Just in time for St. Valentine's Day!

bioVD The problem with making designs for specific holidays is I seldom think far enough in advance to plan for to get the fezzes shipped in time. Case in point: when I was asked if we had anything planned for Valentine's Day this week I assumed I had until next month to worry about it. Of course next month begins in two days and we're going to be spending the first week of it travelling to New Orleans for a comic con. Needless to say if anything was going to happen for Valentine's Day it needed to happen immediately. Luckily the request was to revisit the limited edition Biohazard fez design we did last year and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. This year we present the special Limited Edition Biohazard Chapeau - VD Edition! This two-tone chapeau features a fuchsia biohazard with a matching fuchsia velvet tip. This edition is limited to only 15 pieces as that is all we can make before we head out to NOLA. So instead of doing a pre-sale we're making all 15 now and they will be ready to ship out Monday. Wear one to your next blind date or pick one up for your significant other and let them know you love them like a zombie loves brains. BioVDslider

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