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April has been so frantic I needed to do a second newsletter. We are hard at work prepping for our next batch of conventions but I wanted to let you know about a few things before we really hit the grind. The Winged Monkey Fez debuts! Our newest fez features an original design inspired by the works of L. Frank Baum. I was first inspired to make a flying monkey themed fez while sitting in an airport waiting for a flight. After some time and a few concepts I think I finally have my official travel fez. These are up...

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Fez Fridays are still going strong on the Twitter so it may be time to start another give-away! For the next 5 Fridays, culminating on Memorial Day Weekend, we will collect all of eligible Fez Friday photos and from that pile we will randomly draw a winner. As an added challenge we will select our favorite photo from each week and those five photos will be put in a separate random drawing with much better odds! Now just to make sure we spread the love around each participant is only eligible to win one prize so if the overall random...

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Here is yet another woefully belated post that should have been up weeks ago: Last month we held another of our Fez Friday Foto challenges over on the Twitter. If you aren’t familiar with Fez Fridays here is the nutshell version: Each Friday of the month I invite our fans to post impromptu photos of themselves wearing their Fez-o-rama Fez with the hashtag #FezFriday. The photos are posted the same Friday that they are taken. At the end of the month one winner is randomly selected from all of the eligible entries. This time I decided to do something special...

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The photos are in and it is time to draw a winner. First up a quick recap of the four Fridays: February 3rd: February 10th: February 17th: February 24th: Ok so after removing any ineligible entries (like photos of me and Maya or that adorable martini shot of Kim and Charlie) we have 44 photos total. I will hit randomize on the mosaic until the Freedonia Fez space holder lands back at 45 and then use Random.org to get a winning number… and the number is 22! Now we will post the finished random mosaic: (I have not looked at...

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The final Fez Friday for Fezbruary! Here is the fourth and final collection of fez shots for this month’s Fez Friday Foto Challenge which means later this week we will be drawing a winner and doling out a special prize. Watch this space for the big announcement!

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