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Last week on #FezFriday 2-3-12

As part of our Fezbruary (yeah, I know…) celebration we’ve kicked off another #FezFriday Foto challenge on the Twitter. each Friday of this month we are calling for you to post impromptu photos of you going about your day in your Fez-o-rama fez. At the end of the month one winner will be randomly selected and given a very special fez.

Week one kicked off with a bang:

    Your next opportunity to enter is this Friday the 10th, so don’t forget to set out your fez Thursday night! Honorable mentions go out to @trapped for his Fez Thursday post from Keystone:

Fullscreen capture 262012 115633 AM.bmp

and @darwinship for this great fez shot at his bar:


  • Robbryan

    I’m seeing a strong correlation between facial hair and fezes.  And another between beverages and fezes.

  • Fezmonger

    Tea and a contest! What more could you ask for?

  • Tom Carlson

    I didn’t realize there was a contest.

    I should get extra points for drinking tea.

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