Fezbruary #FezFriday Finale

The photos are in and it is time to draw a winner. First up a quick recap of the four Fridays: February 3rd: FF 2-3-12 February 10th: 2-10-12 February 17th: Fez Friday 2-17-12 February 24th: FezFriday 2-24-12 Ok so after removing any ineligible entries (like photos of me and Maya or that adorable martini shot of Kim and Charlie) we have 44 photos total. I will hit randomize on the mosaic until the Freedonia Fez space holder lands back at 45 and then use Random.org to get a winning number… and the number is 22! Now we will post the finished random mosaic: (I have not looked at it since hitting the randomize button) and count down the photos in rows. Fez-o-rama Fezzes …and our winner is: Hooray for #fezfriday and the @Fezmonger who makes it possible! Congrats to @gotNIEM and I will be in contact with Tom to discuss his fez. Thanks to everyone that participated in this month’s Fez Fridays. Due to the the conventions lined up for March, our next Fez Friday drawing is planned for April but we will continue to share photos every week.
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