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The Kraken returns in a new color variant for 2016! The original Kraken Fez made its début at Tiki Caliente last May and now it has returned in a new Red velvet version for the new year! The first version was made in colors to match our Muhe'e Chapeau, this time around we went in a completely different direction. Our Fez Wench requested a black Kraken on red velvet as a one-off and we liked it so much we brought a whole batch of them to Emerald City Comicon. They went over so well that we've finally managed to re-stock them...

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I'm way overdue on posting this design to the website but things have been a little crazy... well crazier than our usual level of crazy around here. Way back in our early days I did a design of a red fez with the word FEZ embroidered in gold on it. I enjoyed the simplicity of a fez that announced exactly what it was but there was one flaw, it didn't read well in a mirror. I wanted a design that not only told others what one was wearing but also informed the wearer what was on their head when they caught...

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We're back with another special monochrome Chapeau and Fez set! This time we're celebrating Valentine's Day and to give you a chance to get these before the 14th, we're kicking it off early. The Red Calavera Fez and Chapeau feature an inverted version of their original design counterparts in a red on red on red color scheme. It’s the perfect gift for that special valentine in your life, or get one for yourself and let everyone know how you feel about society’s attempt to force you into binary relationships. Give one to your phlebotomist, or wear one to the next red wedding you attend... assuming you...

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