The Ambigram Fez

The Ambigram Fez

I'm way overdue on posting this design to the website but things have been a little crazy... well crazier than our usual level of crazy around here. ambigram

Way back in our early days I did a design of a red fez with the word FEZ embroidered in gold on it. I enjoyed the simplicity of a fez that announced exactly what it was but there was one flaw, it didn't read well in a mirror. I wanted a design that not only told others what one was wearing but also informed the wearer what was on their head when they caught a glimpse of themselves in a reflection. So I set about making a slightly more stylized version of the word FEZ that would function as a reflective ambigram.

The Ambigram made its debut at C2E2 way back in March and it has finally made its way to the website. reflected view of the Ambigram Fez

Now after a long night of celebration, you can stumble into the bathroom and instantly get an answer to your silent question of: What the hell is that on my head?!? You'll unfortunately have to work out the answer to the question: What the hell did I drink last night?!? on your own.

Ambigram fezzes are in stock and ready to ship now. Look for the Ambigram Fez to make an appearance at our upcoming shows.

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