#141 The Red Calavera Fez & Chapeau

#141 The Red Calavera Fez & Chapeau

We're back with another special monochrome Chapeau and Fez set! Red-Calavera2

This time we're celebrating Valentine's Day and to give you a chance to get these before the 14th, we're kicking it off early.

The Red Calavera Fez and Chapeau feature an inverted version of their original design counterparts in a red on red on red color scheme. It’s the perfect gift for that special valentine in your life, or get one for yourself and let everyone know how you feel about society’s attempt to force you into binary relationships.

Give one to your phlebotomist, or wear one to the next red wedding you attend... assuming you survived the last one. I don't know, maybe you were resurrected by the Red God. Jeez, when does Game of Thrones start again? red-calavera-chap

Anyway, red. Lots of red... Order by February 14th. The last batch will be made on the 15th.

If you want to have it in time for the holiday get your orders in as soon as you can as we are working on a lot of fezzes as we prepare for the impending Con Season.

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