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We're celebrating the Year of the Monkey all year-long with special Fez of the Week designs each month. The Shamrock Monkey ~ Year of the Monkey Edition Our first special monkey Fez of the Week is a much requested revisit to the Shamrock Monkey design first introduced in 2010 and then revised for 2011. This design is a holiday spin on our original Coconut Monkey and this time the ginger guy is on a deep emerald green Low-Profile fez. As we said five year ago, our Shamrock Monkey fez returns to put a cap on your napper for all of your St Paddy’s...

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For anyone that has been following our antics over the years it has become pretty clear that we have a bit of an obsession with putting primates on our fezzes. One of the first fez designs we created was a monkey design. We kind of drifted away from our simian muses for a bit, 2015 didn't get a new monkey fez at all. That isn't to say we didn't come up with any ideas, we just didn't get around to them. 2016 is going to change that. The Year of the Monkey Anyone familiar with the Chinese zodiac (or with internet...

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