The Year of the Monkey

The Year of the Monkey

For anyone that has been following our antics over the years it has become pretty clear that we have a bit of an obsession with putting primates on our fezzes. One of the first fez designs we created was a monkey design. We kind of drifted away from our simian muses for a bit, 2015 didn't get a new monkey fez at all. That isn't to say we didn't come up with any ideas, we just didn't get around to them. 2016 is going to change that.

The Year of the Monkey

Anyone familiar with the Chinese zodiac (or with internet access) knows that February 2016 starts the year of the monkey and what better time to bring our focus back to our genetic cousins. So let's start with the new!

The Manic Monkey Fez

manic-monkeyFirst up we have this new Low-Profile fez featuring an overly caffeinated capuchin wearing a fez with his spiritual totem, the coffee bean.

This is the perfect fez to don when you need that extra little boost from the world's most popular psychoactive substance. Wear it to your local coffee bar to let them know you mean business.

This style is already in production and available on our website. We also plan to bring this one out to some of our shows over the year.

The Mandrill Fez

mandrillNext we have our classic tall black velvet fez featuring a majestic mandrill in all of his full-color glory.

This beguiling baboon add a bit of class to any ensemble, just remember that smiling is a display of aggression. Approach with caution.

We are fully stocked up on this guy and plan to continue to keep him in production throughout 2016. Look for him to join us at our shows starting next month!

Year of the Monkey ~ Fez of the Week

Over the next 11 months we'll be revisiting some of our past monkey designs and even bringing a few of them back for special Fez of the Week offers. Remember, these will only be available for the week they are announced and every one will be made to order. So be sure to sign up for the Newsletter or follow us on the social networks. Take a gander at the (not quite complete) history of our monkey designs below and let us know which ones you would like to see make a comeback. Hit us up on the social networks or drop a comment below and the ones that get the biggest response may make the Fez of the Week cut in the coming months. Mouse over the images to get more info.
seamonkey2014monkeyroger2014Zombie Monkey in 2XLmonkey-pope.pngspace-monksam-monk-low.pngThe Winged Monkey Fezcodemonk_thumb.pngmonkey-brainsShammonk2.pngcoconut monkeyMoko-Monkey
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