#142 The Shamrock Monkey Fez

#142 The Shamrock Monkey Fez

We're celebrating the Year of the Monkey all year-long with special Fez of the Week designs each month.

The Shamrock Monkey ~ Year of the Monkey Edition

sham-monk-3Our first special monkey Fez of the Week is a much requested revisit to the Shamrock Monkey design first introduced in 2010 and then revised for 2011. This design is a holiday spin on our original Coconut Monkey and this time the ginger guy is on a deep emerald green Low-Profile fez.

As we said five year ago, our Shamrock Monkey fez returns to put a cap on your napper for all of your St Paddy’s shenanigans. So celebrate your Irish-American heritage (or your relative vicinity to an Irish American) with this stylish cap. Nothing says “Raise your pint and lower your expectations!” like a Holiday fez with an inebriated monkey embroidered on the front.

Order by March 8th

If you want your fez by St. Patrick's Day we suggest you get in on the first batch being made on the 3rd.

Look for our next monkey themed Fez of the Week sometime in April, and let us know if there is one in particular you want to see revisited.

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