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Our stylish Tea Cup and Cross Spoons design returns as a purple velvet variant! I type this between sips of Darjeeling. Tea is a major part of my day and second only to water as the world's beverage of choice. A bitter-sweet Brownian motion that built commerce empires and sacred rituals. Our Tea Cup and Cross Spoons design originally appeared as a Limited Edition Tweed design. That edition has sold out but the design lives on in this purple velvet variant. This fez celebrates our love of this ancient drink and is the perfect fez to wear while sipping a nice warm "cuppa"....

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I'm way overdue on posting this design to the website but things have been a little crazy... well crazier than our usual level of crazy around here. Way back in our early days I did a design of a red fez with the word FEZ embroidered in gold on it. I enjoyed the simplicity of a fez that announced exactly what it was but there was one flaw, it didn't read well in a mirror. I wanted a design that not only told others what one was wearing but also informed the wearer what was on their head when they caught...

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A special 24 hour event. Sunday Only! To celebrate the first Sunday in February, we're bring back our superb Owl Fez for one day only! You'll have 24 hours to place your order for this popular design from the past. We're hard at work on new designs as we ramp up for the 2016 Con Season so we don't have a lot of time to make these time-consuming designs, but we're dedicated to celebrating this special month. We'll even throw in that superb Owl Chapeau you all know and love but only for the day. Come Monday there be nothing...

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To celebrate the historic SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality, we made something blue! Well, we are thrilled to mark this historic and long overdue event in our own humble way with our new fez dedicated to marriage equality. This special edition fez features a pair of sacred hearts entwined in the colors of the rainbow. In the center of the design you will find a silver-tone ring with a pale blue rhinestone as the jewel. I didn't wake up Friday morning planning to release a new Fez of the Week design but sometimes these things just need to happen, and when...

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A special limited edition design created for Phoenix Comicon rises from the ashes! We created this Phoenix design as a special edition for Phoenix Comicon 2015. I thought we made enough so that we would have extras for the website, but it sold out so quickly that we were left with only two sizes on Friday. Since I promised that we would have some for sale on the online, I’m going to make this available as a Made to Order design for the month of June. Get your order in by the end of the month if you want to lock down one...

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